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Suppose the streets become friendlier to pedestrians, inviting them to meander while they shop, sit, dine, relax and hold a conversation in a shady spot filled with tempting aromas? Suppose a community gathering “room” is created by rearranging some of the space currently dedicated solely to vehicles to accommodate live performances, events, water play, markets, and festivals…right in the center of the town…where special programming has the place alive with celebratory activities 24/7/365. Suppose the floor of the space becomes a great elegant rug, the edges of which are defined by the storefronts themselves, a county seat sporting a bright green brim above its cornice line, and great ornamental portals announce the new place as if great arms embracing it… sporting immense community pride.

Suppose old empty storefronts then, become suddenly not so sad, but glad….and suppose they became wanted again…cherished again…by new residents and merchants…new speculators willing to take a chance…to take risks in investing their own resources and having great confidence they will find success.


Here is a visual summary of the plan. Click to view a larger image.